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How to unlock:

If you have received email notification that your handset has been factory unlocked please follow following instructions to complete unlocking process. .

1. Download the LATEST iTunes software into your computer and plug in your mobile to the computer. 
If you have the SIM card from your original network please insert it.

2. Make sure that the internet is connected. r r

3. In iTunes, underneath iPhone, go to Summary tab and click on 'Check for updates' 

4. After backing up your mobile, confirm that all your applications & iTunes are listed in the appropriate sections of iTunes. 

5. Click 'Restore to factory settings' which might take several minutes. 

5. Synchronize initially with iTunes turn off your mobile. Turn it back on. (Power Cycle) 

6. Plug your mobile back and synchronize. 

7. Power down, change SIM and power up. 

8. Congratulations. Your iPhone has been factory unlocked and it can now be used any where around the world.


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